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Standard alloy wheels

Hassle free alloy wheel repair and refurbishment service. 
You click. We collect. 

Just book online and our Alloy Ambulance will come to your chosen address and remove the damaged wheels from your vehicle, replacing them with our universal spare wheels*. This allows full use of your vehicle whilst the repairs are carried out. On completion, we will return and  replace your refurbished wheels. No hassle, no waiting, no inconvenience.  

Our alloy repair technicians work on both scuffed and kerbed alloy wheels, to heavily corroded wheels where the lacquer has lifted from the alloy wheel completely, requiring a complete refurbishment. We can also carry out a complete colour change to breath fresh life into old wheels. From matt finished to gloss black, gun metal of a different silver, we have the colours to suit the style you’re looking for. 

Maintaining your alloy wheels will help the resale value if you’re looking to sell and keep your car looking good for longer. Whatever vehicle you drive,  we can colour change and repair alloy wheels for all car manufacturers. If a specific colour is required, an exact colour code would need to be provided at the time of booking.

The first step is to assess the damage of the wheel and the appropriateness of repair required. Our highly skilled technicians will be happy to advise you on the best solution. We always advise to upload a picture of your damaged alloy wheel for a quote beforehand.


Our repairs are a cost-effective option, but most importantly, you are not left without your vehicle for days whilst waiting for the work to be carried out.  There is no need for lengthy waiting times, we offer fast turnaround times.

Cosmetic repairs

We consider these to be small scratches or a scuff marks to an isolated area of the wheel. The damage would have to be minor and the repair would blend into the undamaged area of the wheel, leaving your wheel as original as possible. However, with cosmetic repairs, the original finish is not removed. The repairs do last, but not as long as a total wheel refurbishment.


With a cosmetic repair, the original seal has been broken from the damage to the wheel and however well the repair is performed, there has still been a break on the original wheel finish. The chances are further work will be required at some point in the future. Unlike a full refurbishment, the tyre can be left on the wheel during the repair process.


We do all types of alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment so we will always be able to advise you on the best course of action. To find out if your wheel is suitable for a cosmetic repair, or if you have any questions regarding your alloy wheels just get in touch.

Full refurbishment and colour changes

A full wheel refurbishment is often the preferred solution as the tyre is removed and the resulting refurbishment seals the entire wheel. If your alloys are scuffed, scratched or chipped, this will be repaired during the process. We will colour match to the original paint, or if required, can do a complete colour change, making your wheels look like new again. 


During a colour change, the alloy is coated inside and out just as it was done during the original factory process.  It is then sealed using a lacquer, which not only enhances the finish, but also protects the wheel from environmental damage such as UV radiation, salt, moisture, and road dirt and debris.


Prices start from £50 per wheel, depending on paint colour*

Our process


  • We remove the wheels from your car.

  • The wheel is then carefully cleaned to remove any traces of wax or silicon from the affected area. This also ensures a better finish as it allows improved adhesion when the paint is applied.

  • The damage is repaired using varying techniques by hand, removing the offending scuffs or kerb damage.

  • The wheels are then filler primed to prevent future corrosion and then flattened out to ensure a smooth finish.

  • The wheels are then painted to the colour of your choice or matched to the original finish.

  • After drying on the rack, the wheels are then sprayed with multiple coats of lacquer to completely seal the wheel. We then bake again until they are hardened and completely dry.

  • Finally, the tyres are refitted, inflated, and balanced.

  • The wheels are then fitted back to your vehicle and torqued up to the correct specification.

  • After a final inspection, the process is complete, and your vehicle is ready to drive again.


Alloy wheels are expensive to replace so it pays to look after them.  Have you considered adding a ceramic coat to your alloy wheels refurbishment.?


The ultimate way to help prolong the life of your newly refurbished wheels, make cleaning easier  and give them a protection that can last for years is to apply a ceramic coating. The coating we use contains Graphene which means an even greater hardening of the surface takes place. Once cured, a permanent rigid shield forms. As as well as inhibiting the build-up of brake dust, the slick heat resistant barrier repels dirt, oils and grime, shrugging off rainwater and even road salt in winter conditions.  Treated wheels maintain their gloss finish and are easier to clean during a regular wash. One coat lasts up to 2 years. 


For your peace of mind, The Alloy Team provide a guarantee on all diamond cut wheels. If you have any questions regarding your diamond cut wheels, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to advise you. The overall cost of this procedure depends on the size of your wheels. You can get a quote online by clicking here and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If your wheels are buckled, we have third party specialists we use, but any work would be agreed with the owner beforehand. If your wheels cannot be repaired for any reason, there is no charge.

Payment is made on inspection of our work by card or bank transfers. Your invoice also acts as a full twelve-month guarantee for our standard alloy wheel refurbishments and a six-month guarantee for Diamond Cut alloy wheel refurbishments. Our service is available to both companies and the public.

We can offer a powder coating service if required, though powdered coated wheels are hard to repair and often require a complete re-powder coating if the wheel becomes damaged again. After powder coating the same process Diamond cutting is applied to provide that unique machine cut finish to the front face of the wheel. Please ask us about our powder coating options.

* Universal spare wheels conditions of use

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