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Lease vehicle returns

Whatever vehicle you lease, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Peugeot or Citroen, Seat, Subaru, Toyota or a Mini, we can get your alloy wheels looking like new again. Our technicians work on scuffed, kerbed or heavily corroded wheels for both standard and Diamond cut alloy wheels.

Just book a favourable time for us to come to your home or work address. We will remove the damaged wheels from your vehicle and replace them with our universal spare wheels, meaning you will still have full use of your vehicle whilst the repairs are carried out. On completion, we will return and replace your refurbished wheels. No hassle, no waiting, no inconvenience and no penalty return charges!


Returning a damaged lease vehicle can result in unexpected and often expensive costs for what most people would consider minor repairs. Like all other cars, lease cars can easily acquire minor damage during their lease period, often as the wheels are the part of the vehicle that come into contact with the road, they are easily susceptible to kerb damage and scuff marks. 

There are many ways you can reduce the likelihood of receiving end of lease charges. You always want to present the car in the best possible condition for inspection before returning it. As well as doing simple tasks like giving the vehicle a thorough clean to the interior and exterior before returning it; having the alloy wheels checked beforehand can often prevent any unpleasant bills!


Both leasing and PHP companies have fines for wheel damage, the usual culprit being kerb damage and scuff marks. A fine will only be incurred if the damage on the alloy wheel is considered to be more than standard wear and tear.  Often the repair bill for an alloy wheel can be less than the fine imposed. 

The first step is to assess the damage of the wheel and the appropriateness of the repair required. Generally, lease companies say that the wheels themselves must not:


• Have dents or holes in the rims or trims from kerning.
• Have more than 25 to 50mm of scuffs.
• Have any damage to wheels spokes and/or alloy hubs.

Our highly skilled technicians are happy to advise you on the best solution. We always advise to upload a picture of your damaged wheel for a quote beforehand.

Our process:


  • The wheel is then carefully cleaned to remove any traces of wax or silicon from the affected area. This also ensures a better finish as it allows improved adhesion when the paint is applied.


  • The damage is repaired using varying techniques by hand for standard alloy wheels, or using our bespoke lathe for diamond cut alloys, removing the offending scuffs or kerb damage.

  • For standard alloy wheels, they are colour matched to the original paint and left to bake on the rack.


  • The wheels are then sprayed with lacquer to completely seal the wheel. We then bake the wheels again until they are hardened and completely dry.


  • The tyres are inflated, and balanced.


  • Finally, the wheels are then fitted back to your vehicle, torqued up to the manufacturer’s specification.


After a final inspection, the process is complete – your vehicle is ready to drive or hand back!


If your wheels are buckled, we have third party specialists we use, but any work would be agreed with the owner beforehand. If your wheels cannot be repaired for any reason, there is no charge.


Payment is made on inspection of our work. Your invoice also acts as a full twelve-month guarantee for our standard alloy wheel refurbishments and a six-month guarantee for Diamond Cut alloy wheel refurbishments. Our service is available to both companies and the public.

* Universal spare wheels conditions of use

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