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How much will it cost to repair my alloy wheels? 

All prices are per wheel and include collection and delivery of your wheels and use of our universal spare wheels for the duration of the repairs.


Free collection within 25 miles. ​Additional £10 for over 25 miles.​

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels​

17 inch wheels or smaller​ £85 + VAT​

18 inch to 19 inch wheels​ £95 + VAT​

20 inch to 21 inch wheels​ £105 + VAT​

Larger than 21 inch wheels​ £115 + VAT​

Standard Alloy Wheels​

Half wheel or less​ £50 + VAT​

Full face of wheel​ £75 + VAT​

Inner rim​ of wheel £25 + VAT​

Full colour change/Powder coating face and inner rim​ £95 + VAT​

Alloy Wheel Repairs - Unbuckling and Welding

Wheel straightening, removing bends, buckles and dents, including collection and use of loan wheel and any cosmetic work needed to inner rim £100 + VAT​

Wheel welding, including collection and use of loan wheel and any cosmetic work needed.​to inner rim £100 + VAT​

 Alloy Wheels Care

Ceramic coating​ for alloy wheels £25 + VAT​

Deep clean wheel  alloy wheel wash​ £15 + VAT​

Diamond cut

alloy wheels

Repair kerb and scuff marks and damaged lacquer.


Prices from £85+VAT.

Standard alloy


Kerb and scuff repairs to full refurbishment and colour changes.

Prices from £50+VAT

Cracked & Buckled wheels

Wheel welding and straightening.

Fully guaranteed.

£100+VAT per wheel

Areas we cover


Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex

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Tel - 0330 133 43 45

The Alloy Team,
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