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Deep cleaning & protective coatings

Long term protection for your wheels.

  • 1 h
  • Starting at £25+VAT
  • Customer's address for vehicle collection

Service Description

The Alloy Team offers a convenient click and collect wheel service. Just book online and our Alloy Ambulance will come to your chosen address and remove the wheels from your vehicle, replacing them with our universal spare wheels. This allows full use of your vehicle whilst the repairs are carried out. On completion, we will return and replace your clean and protected wheels. No hassle, no waiting, no inconvenience. The coating we use contains Graphene which means an even greater hardening of the surface takes place. Once cured, a permanent rigid shield forms. As as well as inhibiting the build-up of brake dust, the slick heat resistant barrier repels dirt, oils and grime, shrugging off rainwater and even road salt in winter conditions. Treated wheels maintain their gloss finish and are easier to clean during a regular wash. One coat lasts up to 2 years. The process The wheels are removed from the car and go through a four step deep clean process, for both the front and inside of the wheel. ​​ - Initially wash to remove any loose dirt. - Iron removal using  a non-acid, non-alkaline alloy wheel cleaner. clean and degreased all oil and grease based soiling. - Clay bared. - Final prep with cleanser-fluid pre-treatment paint cleaner to deep clean pores of road film, old waxes, tar etc and primes paint for ceramic coating. - Application of ceramic coating and left to cure.  ​

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